IT Solutions

Are you worried about what technology you need, how much it will cost and what happens when things go wrong?

If you run your own business you don't want to have to worry about IT - that's why we take care of it.  With our Serviced office space you can concentrate on your business while we provide you with IT infrastructure and support you can depend on.  

We offer a full range of telecoms and internet access solutions to suit your business.  We also work with several partners who can provide hardware, software and support.  If you need assistance setting-up when you move in, we have people who can help! 

We provide a full telecoms service so that you can move in knowing that your new phone numbers will be in operation and a handset will be on your desk.  We can normally issue your phone numbers and take calls for you before you move in to make things simpler for you.

We have invested in a High-Speed internet system that will give you high-speed internet access direct to your desk.  Several other of our IT-related services have been beneficial to our clients, these include PC and hardware supply for purchase or hire, networking and network security set up and support, remote offsite data backup, mobile phones, blackberries and desktop support.  These are provided by companies that have worked with us over the years to enable us to deliver a comprehensive solution to all your technical requirements.

it infrastructure

Connecting to our IT infrastructure is easy and cost-effective.  There's no need to shop around, wait months for installation or set up support contracts - we've done it for you. Just bring your laptop or PC; plug it in and get to work. It's that simple!

Our IT and Telecoms package comes with shared access but you can upgrade to dedicated access at any time.

Shared access

With shared access you know exactly where you stand. Shared access is a few steps up from ADSL, and a significant improvement on domestic broadband. This service allows you to send and receive emails at the same speed and is ideal for small businesses needing a permanent connection for a flat fee each month.With shared access, you will share a connection with other companies in the Business Centre.

Dedicated access

With dedicated access, the connection is yours alone and you can be certain of high speed, guaranteed bandwidth internet access. This is ideal if the guaranteed speed of the connection is important to your business and you need considerable internet and email access.It's also suitable for running centralised applications, inter-company VPNs, large data file transfers and web server development work that requires dedicated IP addresses.  Each dedicated connection comes with 5 Usable Class C Public IPs.  You're in control.

We encourage you to bring in your own firewall so that you can manage your own security. We can supply a secure email relay that will allow you to send emails without the need for an expensive mail server.


Our advanced phone system will enable you to make and receive calls from the minute you walk into your office. We have the latest Avaya IP Office phone system allowing you access to the latest Voice Over IP, and Computer integration technology.

We will provide you with: 

• Main Company Number

• Personal extension DDI number for each individual in your company

• Personal voice mail which you can access 24 hours a day

• Full feature digital display handset

• Speed dialling from your handset

• Options to divert to voicemail or to redirect externally to another handset (landline or mobile) from your own handset

• Call routing options available allowing you to manage inbound calls 24/7

• Conference call options on your handset

• Full handset training

Optional extras include: Headsets, Voice recording, Call centre usage, Non-geographic numbers (0845, 0870), Itemised billing.

All calls are charged at BT standard rate and are presented in a monthly summary statement. There are no separate charges for line rental.